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How It Works

What is TruckNG

Connecting All Stakeholders through One Digital Logistics Platform

TruckNG is simplifying the landscape of trucking and transportation of goods through a digital logistics platform. The platform is designed to connect and inform all stakeholders, between drivers, shipping companies, freight factories, and transportation cooperatives. TruckNG enables efficient management and supervision of all operations via a user-friendly digital logistics platform.

Who We Are

TruckNG Is a Logistics Platform Designed by Industry Professionals

TruckNG is designed and developed by those who have worked in the trucking industry. We have first-hand experience on the road, managing logistics, and interacting with stakeholders. From this, we understand how the industry needs to be improved.We created TruckNG as a digital logistics platform, not a logistics company, to provide better insight and connection between every person or organization involved. We’re eliminating risks and ensuring cost-efficiency and timeliness through our new platform designed specifically with your needs and concerns in mind. TruckNG digitizes the logistics industry from end to end for greater efficiency and fewer risks.

Watch the video below for more insight into TruckNG and how we became Nigeria’s top digital logistics platform.

Nigeria’s #1 Digital Logistics Platform

Sign up today for free and gain access to the best digital logistics platform available. TruckNG helps keep your orders organizes, manages your contacts, and allows you to buy and sell transportation space as needed. Get started for free today and witness how TruckNG improves your business.

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Benefits of Using TruckNG

User-Friendly Interface

We’ve made our digital logistics platform as easy to use as possible

Cloud Security

TruckNG makes client security a top priority

Logistics Management

Easily manage orders, vehicles, and freight on one platform


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